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Sometimes the problem that accumulates like that, it cannot be fixed in a short time and it may take some time to fix Joker. For a long time, it is possible to fix things. It should be time to fix it to study the best way or the best solution and continue to develop for the Joker. GamingIt sits with the account to get the current problem of the new generation, the younger generation, that is the problem of unemployment, which is quite a lot when compared to other countries and most importantly, the problem of cost of living that those countries are considered The country faces a lot of problemsJoker. GamingWhen the cost of living is that high with the income we get each day, the income we get each month, it doesn"t seem reasonable to beat and currently in the working group earns a salary of  baht per month, but of course. If compared to the current cost of living, more than per plate of rice, not including the cost of snacks or other cars, then it looks like a price that the group of people working in the company, employees will definitely not be burdened with these expenses. And they are calling for the government to have a policy of continuous remediation, calling it a problem that can"t be solved immediately, but I believe that if it takes time to solve the problem and find a solution or a way down and then it will fit once

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