úǹ Pro Jack Ѻ

1. Wedge 56*ǧйФѺҳ 60-70 з 52* 100 ҤõͧѺç˹Ѻ鹤Ѻ
2.ҵʹԧѡ鹡ʹ դйѺҤ÷ҧըԧʹ
3.͹ǧ¹ѺǺç价ҧ¤Ѻ(੾͡ͺѺʹ)繵 Driver ѹ¤Ѻ úǹйӴҤҧäѺ

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 ͺس SUWAT 9119.

        1.ҡ Wedge ǡѹ  кǴèеͧǡѹ Шз֡͹ѹٻҧй˹ѡ 

        2.зŧŧ١˭Ҩԧ   ҨԴҡâҴ Follow Through ó  Сõ١쿺ԧ  Դ DIVOT  çҹҧ˹觢ԧ  ֧Ҫçҹ Follow Through ش  ǧҧó  繡ѭҢͧͷ 1. ա   õպͧʹ쿨Դçҹ  Ҩеռҹ١¡

        3.١价ҧ  ˹Դзз١  ҨԴҡ...

     3.1  ͡çմ͢ҡԹ

     3.2  㨷е١+ᢹҡԹ  ÷ӧҹͧǧҧ  ⾡Դздǹԧŧ

        ԡҪ...ѧТзӡ DOWN SWING

     3.3 礡èѺԾ  õ١价ҧ  ʴҨѺԾ Strong Թ (Ծͫ¤ҡԹ 繻⤹ 3-4





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