The story of Dr. Plai Prai whispered, after going to be ordained as a nun, then came to live and sell holy water soap. Recently, Mor Plai apologized to Sunee Thai for causing trouble and said that the live Fresh like this, wanting to sell soap and use money to help a temple in Sri Lanka, it has become a hot trend in the online world starvegas after the nun Suthsana or Dr. Plai Prai whispered because of the post. Sells holy gravel soap, claiming its properties, saying that it will fix your luck until someone has asked the National Buddhism Office and the Sangha Sangha to check it out. who came back from Thailand to make merit, join the crematorium construction project with the country and perform a holy bathing ceremony for relatives who donated alms canteens and almshouses in Sri Lanka. There was a shortage of food and oil and electricity as the people did not have the power to bring necessities or food to the temple.

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