Misunderstood that the neighbor went to dismantle the electric fence that blocked the cowshed. As if he understood that he had done it, immediately pulled a gun and fired at the house. If you, the audience, this event happened in Phetchaburi Province. Yesterday evening, Tha Ya police station went to investigate the crime scene in Tha Yang District, Phetchaburi Province, together with Phetchaburi forensic police, doctorsดาวน์โหลด-joker123/ on duty at Tha Yang Hospital, and Sawang Phet Rescue at There was an incident, it was a rice field, at the entrance to the house, 1 person was shot dead, a man wearing a blue T-shirt and shorts, was shot with a 9mm gun in the face, 3 eyes on the roadside. Yes, this is in the area in front of the house. Near each other, we meet 1 blue motorcycle falling down, with 3 9mm shell casings falling at the scene of the accident. The man"s name is Mr. Boonrom. Red, 46 years old, and the scene of the accident was also the entrance to the house of the deceased"s parents. Haha. The perpetrator is not anyone. It"s a neighbor. His name is Mr. Somphan Sriprapha or in the fort. Ask Mrs. Mon Daeng, the mother of the deceased, told me that

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