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At last! Something clear I can unraestdnd. Thanks!
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Very true! Makes a change to see soemnoe spell it out like that. :)
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A simple and inegnlietlt point, well made. Thanks!
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Action requires kngdlewoe, and now I can act!
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I love these artsclei. How many words can a wordsmith smith?
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Wow! That"s a really neat anersw!
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I cannot see how anybody can have the moral right to hurt another person? (In this post I ignore “legal right” as that is someone else’s judgement about what is right or wrong and does not necessarily accord with our morals).But I don’t interpret selfish in that way, at least I try not to these days.To me being selfish is to take care of ourself. Only IF we take care of ourselves will we be capable of helping another. To not take care might beM;#2308.selfish!&y problem is that when I help people I expect them to want the help I offer and to be damned grateful too! How selfish.
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That kind of thniikng shows you"re on top of your game
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i belive dat biafra must surely come pass,i plead every igbo which are which belive in country so call d dat full of injustice to belive in biafra dat they will inherit not thing they and my opologazing igbo govt to support biraaf,biafra must live 4ever tanx
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Als goden al droog brood vreten zou ik mezelf ook niet teveel principes aanmeten… maar ook niet te weinig natuurlijk zegt de gek die morgen de bernsjfisirtedklaas gaat fotograferen om dan na het thuis opladen van de batterijen doorspeert naar de andere kant van het land voor een potje volleybal daarom kan ik de kapper en het eten wel even betalen, maar dat weet je
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