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Just what the doctor oreddre, thankity you!
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Wow, this is in every respcet what I needed to know.
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I changed my email address and outwitted The WordPress, they do&;#8217nt know who I am now!!I am sorry to read of your Vest Knitting Trauma, it does look lovely on Willem, and I would not have wanted to lose to a pattern either.
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Well, at least it"s a good thing they didn"t change to any botaismbc name. "Marina Bay" is good enough! But the fact that they spent $400000 to choose a name at all?! Even giving the money to Durai would be better. =P
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Anonymous, how can you admit and agree with the cartoons, then in the same breath say how they disgust you and suddenly you have a honest feeling and that is one of having them removed? My question really is what would your something better be? This is the dimmieness, PCness and just plain cornwdliaess that results in bad things happeining when people do nothing but run from the truth. Mike Elmore
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I caught it from when they were finishing up the topic of off-shore processing (not sure why it’s not geoblocked like the rest of the ABC).I thought his comments about the ACL were not his best, or clearest. Overall his biggest &#m216;proble8’ was that he was simply to thoughtful for the soundbite forum (or pretty much, anyone else on the panel). It was so frustrating to see him get cut off time and again when he was still only part way along his thought line on the question. His excitement at getting a gospel opportunity handed to him on a plate at the end was palpable.
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